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Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) emerged from a shared desire to safely explore and protect the underwater world and to improve the quality of education and research in all things aquatic.

Graham Blackmore teaches exclusively for GUE and can help you to take your diving further. With many years of experience engaged in cutting edge diving expeditions and projects around the globe, Graham is uniquely placed to deliver training and guidance with insight that only an explorer can provide.

Unlock your diving potential...
From open circuit technical and closed circuit rebreather diving to GUE instructor development, Graham will help you to unlock your diving potential. Whatever your diving ambitions, Graham will guide you through the options available and help you to realise a development path that suits you and the sort of diving you want to do.
  • "There is a perception that GUE courses have impossibly high standards but Graham expertly guided me through Tech-1, Tech-2 and CCR-1 with great patience and insight. My diving has developed beyond recognition!"
    - Jason Brown, UK
  • "If you're thinking about training through GUE then I can highly recommend Graham. His teaching methods are thorough but never intimidating."
    - James D, UK
  • "What a superb course! I cannot believe how much I learnt and how much I have developed as a diver. Graham is a superb instructor who knows instinctually how to help even the most struggling student."
    - Dave A, UK
Global Underwater Explorers
Training for more adventurous divers
From Foundation to Exploration
Your pathway to tech success
Take your diving further! GUE's acclaimed technical training courses will install the essential skills, knowledge and robust procedures required to safely and confidently utilise different breathing and decompression mixtures to go beyond recreational limits into the realms of technical diving.
For many aspiring technical divers, closed circuit rebreathers represent the very pinnacle of deep-water exploration technology. The GUE Rebreather course will educate you in basic rebreather systems and develop proficiency in the use of the GUE-approved rebreather configuration. Go bubble-free with us!
Are you ready to take the next step in your diving career? Choosing to become a GUE instructor may be one of the most rewarding things you ever do but it takes commitment, drive and a passion to train divers to the industry's highest standards. As an experienced GUE Instructor Trainer, I can help you to achieve this ambition.
Who is Graham Blackmore?

Meet your GUE instructor
With a background in marine biology, Graham Blackmore was drawn to the sea from a very early age. Growing up along the South Coast of England, Graham spent his early years snorkelling in the sea as a child. Whilst studying for his PhD, Graham took his first breath underwater to aid his research - an event that would shape both his career and life forever. From that moment on, Graham was hooked...

As a passionate advocate for the aquatic world, Graham now teaches a range of foundational, technical and rebreather courses exclusively for GUE. With a solid background in marine science and many years engaged on cutting edge diving projects under his belt, Graham is ideally placed to deliver quality training with an insight that only an explorer can deliver. Whatever your diving aspirations, Graham will help you to develop your diving and unlock your full potential.

GUE Class Schedule
Where in the world is Graham?
Graham Blackmore is a full-time professional instructor who regularly runs GUE classes throughout the world.

Below you will find a full list of classes that have been scheduled to run over the coming months. Many of these classes will have spaces available so simply click on the course name to view further details of the class including the number of free spaces. If none of these courses suits your needs, it may be possible to schedule a course to suit you - contact Graham to discuss your requirements.
Interested in GUE training with Graham Blackmore? As Graham teaches across the globe, the best way to contact him is by email...

Scheduled Classes
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