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Global Underwater Explorers has become the leader in diver education. Our inspiration was to provide the highest quality diver training programs possible to produce divers who are skilled, competent, safe and - above all - get maximum enjoyment from their diving!

Enhanced diving skills increase diver safety, reduce damage to fragile marine ecosystems and open the door to expanded opportunities for exploration and conservation of diverse underwater environments. Our internationally recognised diver training programs include certifications in everything from entry-level recreational diving, right up to the most advanced technical and rebreather diving.

Unprecedented Quality Control
GUE diver training incorporates an unprecedented quality control system that includes regular requalification for instructors in addition to mandatory student certification renewals and assessments. GUE training gives you the tools you need to become a better, safer and more confident diver capable of taking on the rigours of advanced diving.
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Training for more adventurous divers
What makes GUE different?
Our core principles
GUE's diver education programs provide a comprehensive and robust training path for divers who wish to take their diving further. Whatever your passion, GUE diver training will give you the tools to become a better, safer and more confident diver at any level.
GUE cares passionately about protecting and furthering our understanding of the marine environment. GUE divers are actively encouraged to participate in Project Baseline initiatives to monitor and record changes in their local diving area.
GUE divers are actively involved in a diverse range of exciting diving projects across the globe. By becoming a GUE diver, you join a world-wide community of divers who have the skills, drive and passion to add genuine value to any diving project.
Meet Graham Blackmore

Why train with me?

Graham holds a PhD in Marine Biology but his love for the aquatic world developed at an early age. He had long been fascinated by the sea and used to spend many hours snorkelling in the UK as a child. By his own admission, Graham grew to regret not learning to dive as an undergraduate but other things got in the way - as a PhD student, however, he leapt at the opportunity!

His first post-doctoral job was investigating snails that eat corals and this allowed him to gain a lot of dive experience. He took up technical diving in order to make the research diving easier and even used CCR to conduct fish census work. Ultimately it wasn't until he found Global Underwater Explorers that he truly understood diving and committed himself to making a career of teaching diving.

Graham is lucky enough to travel the world teaching from basic novice divers all the way up to instructors within GUE. As a passionate diver, he has logged over 3000 dives to a maximum depth of 140m and durations of upto 7 hours. He enjoys reef diving in tropical areas, wreck diving in the English Channel and the Mediterranean and has even been known to occasionally venture into caves. But most of all, he likes being mid water in strong currents with big scenery.
From Foundation to Exploration
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Take your diving further! GUE's acclaimed technical training courses will install the essential skills, knowledge and robust procedures required to safely and confidently utilise different breathing and decompression mixtures to go beyond recreational limits into the realms of technical diving.
For many aspiring technical divers, closed circuit rebreathers represent the very pinnacle of deep-water exploration technology. The GUE Rebreather course will educate you in basic rebreather systems and develop proficiency in the use of the GUE-approved rebreather configuration. Go bubble-free with us!
Are you ready to take the next step in your diving career? Choosing to become a GUE instructor may be one of the most rewarding things you ever do but it takes commitment, drive and a passion to train divers to the industry's highest standards. As an experienced GUE Instructor Trainer, I can help you to achieve this ambition.
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