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So you want to be a GUE instructor... from my personal experience, it's a very rewarding passtime and something I still enjoy more than 10 years after first becoming an instructor. It's a worthy goal and something I can help you with. GUE is unique in its commitment to excellence and this thread runs true into instructor development. We practise what we preach.

So where do you start? The first thing you need to do is make sure your personal diving skills are as strong as they can be. It's expensive and inefficient to correct personal skills during instructor development training, so make sure you're squared away before you decide to proceed. Once you're confident that you're ready to start the journey, the next step is to raise your awareness to look after students in training, and have demonstration quality skills. I am available for coaching and mentoring during this stage which can save you time in deciding the best way to proceed.

Once ready you should formalise your intent by registering with GUE and auditing (observe) a class. Once this is complete you can start collecting component signatures on the way to your first (so called IT) full signature that will allow you to schedule an evaluation (IE) where you will attempt to gain your second and final signature. By far the most efficient way to collect component signatures is during a formal instructor training course that is normally conducted over a 6-8 day period. Component signatures can also be collected during 1:1 mentoring or by interning on courses with real students. It's likely you will make use of all three during completion of your first signature.

Instructor evaluations
I have conducted evaluations for many instructor candidates for R1 and Fundamentals instructors and can also requalifiy recreational and foundational instructors. IE are conducted during a real course that you will set up with real students and the evaluator insures that you're able to conduct a course to the required standard. You'll usually get a lot of invaluable tips and tricks along the way from you IE but you're the instructor in charge.

Instructor upgrades
We currently provide training for upgrades in recreational programmes and DPV. I can also mentor train instructors for upgrades into technical level.
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